Lemon Ginger Tea Recipe for Chronic Pain Relief

Lemon Ginger Tea for Chronic Pain Relielf

Though most people know that ginger is great for an upset stomach and nausea, it can also be used for pain relief. Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can be taken in regular doses throughout the day to help manage chronic pain. It is said to … [Read more...]

Fibromyalgia Joint Pain Relief

Fibromyalgia Joint Pain

I've been plagued with Fibromyalgia joint pain for years. Lately, it has increased quite a bit, especially my hands and hips. I feel like a creaky door with no oil to fix it. What does one do with this nasty joint pain anyway? How do you get … [Read more...]

Canadian Health Care Sucks

Canadian Health Care Sucks

Well, I suppose it was inevitable that I'd feel the need to rant about health care in Canada. Again. It seems every time I have to deal with anyone to do with health care in Ontario, it becomes rant worthy. One eventually gets tired of being kicked … [Read more...]

How to Build a Fibromyalgia Pain Flare Toolbox

Fibromyalgia Pain Flare Toolbox

Chronic pain is a nasty, sometimes vindictive seeming creature that randomly rears its ugly head whenever it wants to. Sometimes it seems we surely didn't overdo anything to cause the excessive pain. It could be from too much stress, too much emotion … [Read more...]



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  • Easy Ginger Tea for Pain Relief

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