Aching hands, swollen feet

I've had a real issue with painful hands and wrists lately. My feet and ankles swell and ache as well. I now know I have arthritis in my ankles and my chest (still a weird spot if you ask me lol), but this is the first year I've had serious issue with either. I bet some of my Spoonie friends have tips or tricks on how to deal with arthritic pain? Pain meds don't always seem to help for this.

While I am really thinking that Nucynta (Tapentadol) is The One that is finally going to work for my pain issues, it doesn't seem to help with my poor aching fingers and wrists. Nor does it entirely address that bone-deep squirmy pain in my hips. While I have to say that this new to me drug IS working better than anything else I've tried, it's still not quite there. Perhaps a higher dosage will help.

Then again, I recall my pharmacist and doctor saying that I should not expect total pain relief either. Especially in a flare. To have total pain relief is not a realistic expectation I should set myself up for. Ok, I get that. I do. Nor do I want to have to rely solely on drugs to alleviate my pain. Though if that's all that works I don't have a problem with staying on them. I deserve the pain relief and refuse to suffer any more than I have to. It is my right!

I've been trying Voltaren Emulgel and it works for my hands and feet if they aren't totally inflamed. My pharmacist said there is a prescription strength I could talk to my doctor about as well. But my hips.. oh boy nothing seems to work when they are at their worst. Well, an epsom salt bath perhaps. But I can no longer get in an out of the tub unaided. It hurts too much and it's too difficult without any proper supports or handles in there (which cost money). Nor am I ready to ask my hubby to help me do that. Yes, we're married and maybe it seems I'm too proud, but I rely on him enough as it is. That's just asking too much in my books.

What works for your arthritic pain? What tips could you suggest to someone new to dealing with arthritic hands?

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  1. I’m right there with you- have been having some wicked problems with my hands and feet this fall. Never had it like this before. The arthritis is not new to me, but having problems to this extent is.

    I also use the Voltaren, but doesn’t help much. Usually just hunker down with the heating pad, and for the feet I have used a weird gel soaking stuff from Scholls that is a lavender scented gel-type situation. It is similar to the wax method. Seems to get the heat really down deeper.

    In the winter I also splurge for infrared saunas at a local spa (the only spa treatment I would ever spend money on, I’m not a big spender). That really helps a lot. The winters here in northern Canada can get pretty brutal.

    Wishing you some relief!!

  2. PS love the new Fibro Bloggers badge you made. Can I put it on the Directory for others to use?

  3. Hi, I have mentioned you on my latest post and was wondering if I could also put your photo on the post?
    I am pleased Voltaren works for someone – does nothing for me except burn. Yes it is sad to realise we can only reduce pain and never really get rid of it completely. This took me along while to accept but it was only from there that I could move forward to coping with my new reality.

    • You can use the photo from my site if you wish. Just upload it to your own site host please, don’t hotlink to the location of the file on mine. Voltaren only works for my hands. You can ask for a prescription strength version from your doctor. And yes, I so agree that it’s awful that all we can do is try to mask the pain. The cause is never “fixed” or addressed. It scares the hell out of me knowing how much pain I’m really in and the amount of pain med it takes to bring that level down enough for me to function. But what can you do? keep on keeping on ;)

  4. Michelle jadaa says:

    I have one of those paraffin baths i use for hands and feet,keeps warm for longer and eases a little and of course heating pads. Hubbies insurance paid for our bathroom grab bars once i got a prescription from Dr. Anything that aids our independence is a worthwhile thing.
    Wishing you a pain free stress free day :)

    • Was right out of it yesterday morning when I published your comment hon. Can reply now tho. A prescription for bathroom aids? like a grab bar? hmm.. will ask my doctor when I see her next. Thanks for comment Michelle!

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