Chronic Pain Thoughts – Maybe The Pain Isn’t So Bad Anymore?

Girl cryingYou know every once in a while you think *maybe* just maybe you don't need all these pain meds anymore? Miraculously you might be "better" and you let the hours between doses lapse. Maybe over 2 days even, you kinda don't worry about how close you take your usual doses.

Then you wake up in screaming agony. A very harsh reminder that yup, you fecking hurt. A lot. That without that much needed pain medication, the level of pain you really have has Volume and depth. Holy crap was I stupid. Now it'll be hours and hours of shallow breaths and not daring to move, terrified of twinging that which will scream a painful reminder that …

I have a very chronic pain issue. Not to be messed with or toyed with. Not to be scoffed at or lessened by "its no big deal, I can handle it". Take yer goddamn meds and be glad you have them.

Owie :( oh yes, that's a childish whimper. Definitely.

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  1. I just wanted to say that I experience this “cycle” every so often. I have learned, though, that I have to go OFF the minimal pain meds I take for longer than 2 or 3 days, to really know whether the pain I’m feeling is a withdrawal symptom, or “real” pain. In this way, over the last year or two, I have been able to reduce pain medication fairly significantly. It sucks that a surge in pain can be a withdrawal symptom…AND/OR very real. Hard to make oneself stay with it for a while, just to make SURE it is “real”. Ugh.

    • I think a lot of people who are on heavy pain medication due to chronic pain don’t WANT to be on the meds. I mean who would? Sure some narcotics are addictive in that they give you that far away comfy-floaty feeling, if you are lucky. What I mean there is that most of the time, I’m NOT comfy. A person in chronic pain rarely doesn’t feel that pain. Even with heavy narcotic meds. Which makes becoming an addict so much less likely.

      Pain rules my life right now, no doubt about it. Then the fatigue, as you well know too. Fibromyalgia TAKES everything, doesn’t it? So yeah, wanting… hoping… that the pain will lessen or not be there is a constant deepest desire! I don’t want to be on these medications, I never did. Yet without them, the pain SCREAMS through my body. So be it if the only way to get some kind of relief is with the pain meds. Here’s hoping to a not so terrible bad pain day for you and me Rowan! I have been having too many of them that’s for damn sure.

      I keep on believing though. Hoping. I can only do what I can do and I’ve long since forgiven myself and my body for failing me. Chin up! Smile on! Carrying on, despite the pain. Distraction is all I need. LOTS of it lol.

      Light and love to you all <3

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