Canadian Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Events 2014

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is May 12, 2014. It's a date that those of us with FM can make an extra effort to promote Fibromyalgia Awareness. Many Fibro Warriors write a blog post for that date, or promote Fibromyalgia Awareness for the month of May. … [Read more...]

Interesting New Study Finds Possible Cause of Fibromyalgia

We've all heard many, many claims of a possible cause of Fibromyalgia before. This one is different, and plausible sounding. Even better, it could lead to real treatments that work. Note I'm still a bit skeptical on an actual cure, but read on. A … [Read more...]

New Blood Test for Fibromyalgia?

EpicGenetics, a medical research company focused on "hard to diagnose" conditions, has published a study that may mean Fibromyalgia can finally and reliably be tested for.  The FM Test Kit (blood test) claims to be able to diagnose Fibromyalgia … [Read more...]

Fibromyalgia Survey – Your Voice Should Be Heard

There's an international Fibromyalgia survey I became aware of today, by the Duquesne University School of Pharmacy, that is focusing on "self-reported quality of life, treatment effectiveness, and attitudes and perceptions of patients".  I filled it … [Read more...]

Opioids: The Friend or Foe Debate

I just got my tail feathers ruffled from reading a pain specialist doctor say she wouldn't prescribe opioids to Fibromyalgia patients. It is on (following a webinar she led). She says that she thinks it is not safe to prescribe opioids to … [Read more...]