Canadian Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Events 2014

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is May 12, 2014. It's a date that those of us with FM can make an extra effort to promote Fibromyalgia Awareness. Many Fibro Warriors write a blog post for that date, or promote Fibromyalgia Awareness for the month of May. … [Read more...]

I Just Don’t Understand Why Most Americans Seem To Hate Obamacare?

I have never understood why most Americans seem to hate Obamacare. I just cannot fathom why some people seem to feel that not everyone deserves health care. In Canada, *everyone* gets health care coverage. Even if you cannot afford it and do not have … [Read more...]

Living With Fibromyalgia – Invisible Illness

  Image click opens new window with larger image. Feel free to Pin or Share. © Shannon Hutcheson … [Read more...]

The Nightmare of Fibromyalgia Sleeping Disorders

Fibromyalgia sufferers inevitably find that a sleeping disorder of some kind is one of their major symptoms. It is a well documented fact that most people with fibromyalgia experience unrefreshing sleep (non-restorative). It is one of the … [Read more...]

I Can’t Get Out of Bed

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