Going Outside, and a wee rant about the Trillium Drug Program

Today I went outside

While I did go Outside today, the weather has just sucked my energy to 0. I’ve pretty much been asleep for 2 days and looks like today is another total loss. It’s been rainy and cool, around 10 Celsius/48 Fahrenheit. The photo above was taken about 4pm today. The school across from the pharmacy means there are very noisy kids around a lot, not just the lot of 6 that live in the apartment below us.

Brrr! All you wanna do is hibernate. Or, snuggle in front of a cozy fireplace with one of these guys. Yeah! You can see what my type is. Tall, dark and Adam Levine. Or, if yer a guy in Jasper, erm.. right, that was my outside voice, never mind that. Though you are welcome if you visit my Man Candy Pinterest board.

I actually brought out the (way too big) winter jacket to lug uphill to the pharmacy (it doesn’t look far, but it’s up an insidiously flat looking hill). So I’m lugging this huge winter jacket, with a hood coz it was raining a bit, uphill to the pharmacy and out the door I realize I’ve left my cane at the top of the Victorian stairs (read – very freaking steep stairs you don’t wanna do twice, ever). So I tuck in my chin anyway, and go for it. Hilarious, coz I’m probably weaving like a drunk. My balance sucks without that cane.

The pharmacy folks know me fairly well, so drunk looking or not they’ll take my money. I pretty much went out only to get my pain pills ‘script refilled for another week while I wait for a doc appt. that I have to call in for on Monday. Thanks to the awesome secretary my doctor has, I can get fit in for an appointment asap if I call her directly – instead of the central booking number for the whole building.

Why am I waiting to see my doc and getting pain pills filled by the week? Because they are THAT expensive – about $100 per week. I have to have my doc fill in some exception form (a Section 8 letter, the pharmacists says) for the Trillium Drug Program (we have no coverage at moment, hopefully soon though) because my opioid medication IS NOT COVERED by the government. Yet it’s been around 6 some years?

A very long listWhy? Either the makers of Nucynta didn’t apply to be on the gov’t list of approved medications for whatever reason, or this magical List just hasn’t been updated in 10+ years.

Which means I’m going to have to find something covered which won’t work nearly as well and will give me some nasty side effects I don’t want. When the pain pill I’m on now (Nucynta controlled release) works the best and has worked the best for nearly 5 damn years.

Why fuck with it? It’s so not right. I suffer the fuck enough as it is. I’ll pay (in pain) for going out in cold weather today. And I did it without any pain meds since last night because I always leave it to the last damn second before I have to go get more (yeah that’s on me, my bad). Calgon? Take me away!

Ironically, you know what will be covered? Hyrdomophone in the Morphine family (morphine is covered too). Coz that’s the next step if Nucynta stopped working for me. So if I can’t take Nucynta.. and I refuse to go back to oxy- whatever they are calling it these days. NO thanks. Tramadol wasn’t enough and it’s not covered either. What the hell else is there? They’ll give me any form of Morphine because it is cheap. AND highly addictive. I’ve been doing just fine on Nucynta, I don’t want to risk something else. Especially when I already know my body does not like Morphine (from hospital visits).

The pharmacists where I go are super informative and happy to let me pick their brains. I am of the opinion (still) that family physicians are jacks of all trade, per se, while pharmacists are experts about drugs. So when I want to know more about pain medication options that ARE covered by the Ontario gov’t, then I’m going to ask my pharmacist. Talk to my doctor, informed, next week.

Unfortunately, as the pharmacist indicated, my doctor may have to put me on Hydromophone and/or try other opioids before writing that Section 8 letter. He has to prove that other medication has not been working for me. So, yeah. It’s going to be a sucky few months until we work through this bullshit.

Send me extra hugs and snogs! I’m going to need them.

Sunshine and Smiles


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