Natural Canadian Products for Hypersensitive Skin

As you may know, many people who suffer with Fibromyalgia are hypersensitive to sight, sound, smell, and even touch. It varies from person to person, but many of the people I’ve spoken to report a lot of issues with their skin. People with Fibromyalgia may find their skin has very sudden and harsh reactions to even normal every day household products. From burning sensations, rashes and hives to literally being unable to tolerate even the softest of materials next to their skin.

For me, when it comes to skin only sensitivity, it’s just my face and scalp that bother me most. My face is so dry that it seems to flake constantly. I need to exfoliate several times a week just to keep up with it all. Breakouts are worse if I don’t, and who wants to worry about acne on top of all the rest? Not me! I used to use Dove products as they seemed quite mild to me, with no nasty abrasive Parabens or excessive alcohol. Yet even my go-to product, Dove, seems too harsh lately. I already used natural shampoo products, though still store bought. It was about time I seriously looked into 100% natural skin care products too.

I found a wonderful gal in Winnipeg through her Just the Goods Etsy shop who hand makes some really scrumptious natural vegan facial products. I ordered a trial sized set for oily/combination skin (yes my skin is dry and flaky but it is also quite oily, go figure). Just LOVED it, especially the facial toner. I could bathe in the stuff lol. So today I ordered the full sized versions.

The face wash gently cleanses while exfoliating, but I use a small exfoliating sponge to help it along. You can smell the tea tree oil but it is in no way overpowering. I’ve had no reaction to any of the products so far, and I’ve been using them since September.

The toner is my fave product. Witch’s Hazel is so gentle you can use it as an eye wash, though it has many natural remedy uses. In skin care, Witch’s Hazel helps eczema and psoriasis as well as cracked or blistered skin. Just the Goods uses it as a gentle base. It’s the rosewater and tea tree oil that work the magic. Tee tree oil has natural antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic qualities. Rosewater acts as an anti-inflammatory, soothes skin and has an astringent-like property that helps close pores.

Face moisturizer is of big importance to me. It has to absorb very well, not leave a caked feel on top of the skin, and be a good base for foundation and make-up. Trying store brands one by one can be costly, so I always stuck with plain old Dove. Until now! Just the Goods’ moisturizer glides on and absorbs in right away. No excessive rubbing needed. It literally makes my face happy! I think the toner helps a lot with that, but even without the toner first, my skin just feels like it is glowing.

See the product ingredients on Just the Goods’ product ingredients (on individual items) for more information.

If you are a Canadian who has hypersensitivity issues like most of us with Fibromyalgia do, I highly recommend Just the Goods in Winnipeg, MB for superior quality natural vegan Canadian skin care products. Milena is a wonderful gal who is happy to talk about her products to make sure you get exactly what your skin type needs.

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