New Blood Test for Fibromyalgia?

bloodsampleEpicGenetics, a medical research company focused on “hard to diagnose” conditions, has published a study that may mean Fibromyalgia can finally and reliably be tested for.  The FM Test Kit (blood test) claims to be able to diagnose Fibromyalgia within 93% sensitivity. For comparison, the rheumatoid arthritis blood test is only 65% sensitive. No medical test is 100% accurate.

The article I first read about this in talks about the research behind the study, but also brings up some unanswered questions. Read more about that here.

So don’t go jumping for joy just yet. Besides, the test costs $744 USD and would not include any fees your local lab may charge to draw blood for the test.

For more information about this FM Test, see the EpicGenetics site.

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