Canadian Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Events 2014

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is May 12, 2014. It's a date that those of us with FM can make an extra effort to promote Fibromyalgia Awareness. Many Fibro Warriors write a blog post for that date, or promote Fibromyalgia Awareness for the month of May. … [Read more...]

The Hubby vs The Ketchup, A True Story

So the hubby has some serious English Sensibilities instilled into him by his beloved mother (and a Scottish temper granted by his father). When it comes to certain things, one must do something in a certain way. Some things are simply "done" in one … [Read more...]

Put Meditation for Fibromyalgia In Your Pain Flare Toolbox

I've seen so many Tweets lately from Fibro Warriors who are looking for ways to manage their overwhelming very bad pain days. Most of us are on a perpetual quest to find whatever it takes to manage our severe pain. Meditation for Fibromyalgia is just … [Read more...]

Promote Your Fibromyalgia Site And Apply For An Award!

Here's something fun to distract you from your #fibro pain. If you don't already have a blog, make one! Check out my new site for tips on starting a new blog. I'm going to be a judge for's 1st Annual #BEBAwards. Yep, … [Read more...]

Voices of Fibromyalgia (poem)

"Show me where it hurts” you say? Well, tell me, have you got all day? Head, shoulders, knees and toes, The pain it stays, it never goes. Hips, back, fingers and gut, Fibro is an actual pain in the butt. Insomnia keeps her up at night, Then … [Read more...]



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