Hostgator Review 2013 – A Canadian Rant Over Customer Service Decline

Just haven't been inspired enough to write here lately, I'm truly sorry about that. Today though, I thought to share a Hostgator review and customer service related rant I've had building up for some months now. A year even. A little … [Read more...]

I Just Don’t Understand Why Most Americans Seem To Hate Obamacare?

I have never understood why most Americans seem to hate Obamacare. I just cannot fathom why some people seem to feel that not everyone deserves health care. In Canada, *everyone* gets health care coverage. Even if you cannot afford it and do not have … [Read more...]

Fibromyalgia – how is your nerve pain?

I'm up another night with that bone deep squirmy nerve pain feeling. The kind you feel in your hips and/or knees that makes you feel like you *must* move them. Get up, pace a bit. Sit back down coz you are too tired to do much else. Endure the … [Read more...]

That’s it, I’m calling the cops!

This is the third night some punk has been running around the cul-de-sac lighting firecrackers. Every damn evening and it's so loud the cats panic and scramble. So after 3 nights of this crap I go searching for the local police dept email address, … [Read more...]

You know you have Fibromyalgia when

You know you have Fibromyalgia when: You happen to notice that you and your cat are on a very similar schedule. Eat, play,rest. Eat, play, rest. Eat, play, rest. Now if the rest of the world would just conform to our schedule we would be in good … [Read more...]