Opioids: The Friend or Foe Debate

I just got my tail feathers ruffled from reading a pain specialist doctor say she wouldn't prescribe opioids to Fibromyalgia patients. It is on cirpd.org (following a webinar she led). She says that she thinks it is not safe to prescribe opioids to … [Read more...]

Advances in Pain Relief – hurry the hell up

I came across this BBC Horizon documentary on Youtube that aired this time last year. There are 4 parts. Definitely worth watching, especially if you suffer with chronic pain. BBC Horizon - The Secret World of Pain - Part 1 … [Read more...]

Nucynta seems to be working

Thanks to my amazingly dedicated doctor, I am now fairly comfortable *most* of the time when it comes to pain. My pharmacist recommended this drug and I'm sure he means very well, but I suspect he'll get some kind of kickback for doing it. That's ok … [Read more...]