Put Meditation for Fibromyalgia In Your Pain Flare Toolbox

I've seen so many Tweets lately from Fibro Warriors who are looking for ways to manage their overwhelming very bad pain days. Most of us are on a perpetual quest to find whatever it takes to manage our severe pain. Meditation for Fibromyalgia is just … [Read more...]

Fibromyalgia – how is your nerve pain?

I'm up another night with that bone deep squirmy nerve pain feeling. The kind you feel in your hips and/or knees that makes you feel like you *must* move them. Get up, pace a bit. Sit back down coz you are too tired to do much else. Endure the … [Read more...]

Sleep Tips – Insomnia and more

Pain, my constant companion. Tired, the gift that keeps on giving. Sleep, the Sandman lost my address. Insomnia rules my life.                                 … [Read more...]

Are You Having A Fibromyalgia Pain Flare?

When I was newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I didn't know how to recognize a pain flare. Basically, when your pain is so great that none of your pain meds are working (or likely will for that matter), you are in a flare up. My pharmacist said … [Read more...]