Top 5 Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

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There are many health benefits to getting plenty of sleep. Depending on your age and other personal traits you may need more or less sleep than others. Sleep is important because it helps our body regenerate after a hard day of work, repairing damaged cells and recharging our batteries. The benefits of getting a good nights sleep are both short and long term. Getting an adequate amount of sleep will make you fell better the next day and boost your brain function in the long term. Read on for the top 5 benefits of a good night's sleep.

Improved Memory

One main health benefit to sleeping is that it can improve your memory. Often times if you are lacking sleep, it will be hard to focus and you won't be able to recall information that you normally can. A good nights sleep can help improve your memory so you can recall anything at anytime!

Improve Creativity

Another main health benefit you can receive by getting a good night's sleep is that it can improve your creativity and thought process. Once again if you did not have a good nights sleep, you will not be able to focus and it can be difficult to think. Sleeping can help restore the creative thought process in your brain, as having a focused mind is an important factor when in class or at the office.

Reduce Fatigue

Besides improving brain function, sleep can also help decrease the amount of fatigue you experience during the day. If you find yourself struggling to stay awake during classes or at your work place, getting a good night's sleep can help you feel well rested and ready to face the day. Being well rested will also improve your performance, as you will be more focused and can perform tasks with more precision and accuracy. Studies have shown that those who lack sleep often perform at a lesser quality than those who receive a proper night's sleep.

Improve Performance and Grades

If you are a student, one of the benefits sleep can provide is improved grades. Lack of sleep can often cause problems with attention, as your mind will drift off and you will be distracted from the task at hand. Also, lack of sleep can also cause you to fall asleep in class, making you miss that important lesson. Getting a good night's sleep can help prepare you for a test, and in turn improve your grades overall.

Lose Weight

Another health benefit that sleep can provide is helping you lose weight. Studies have shown that people who go to bed earlier, tend to lose more weight. The same part of the brain controls both sleep, as well as the metabolism showing a direct correlation between the two.

So make a plan for getting a good nights sleep every night and stick to it so you can enjoy all the great benefits from getting enough sleep!


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  1. Julie J. says:

    Okay I agree with a good nights sleep but here lately its hard to get for me

    • I rarely get a full 8 consecutive hours of sleep. I’m lucky for getting 4! Most of us with Fibro and/or CFS know all about sleep disorders and insomnia (or painsomnia). I’m one of the many who suffers with sleep issues, just like you! Thanks for stopping by Julie :)

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