Why do I write about my health?

You got it, another #HWAMC prompt, why do I write about my health?

Well the first thing that comes to mind is that originally, I was looking for information. I wanted to know more about this thing I was diagnosed with, Fibromyalgia. When I found out there is little known about how one gets Fibromyalgia, I wanted to know as much as I could find about it. Only to discover that the people that know the most are the ones that suffer with it. So I wanted a place to put all the stuff I learned. I also wanted to blog about it. 

I decided to try Twitter for the first time. I dabbled a bit years ago, but never really found it that interesting. When I started looking for people who had Fibromyalgia, I found so MANY! I couldn't believe how many. Mostly from the UK and the USA, but some from Canada too. While I was more interested in connecting with folks from Canada who had Fibro, I really wanted to talk to anyone who had it. 

The huge benefit that I didn't expect was the sense of community and camaraderie I found in using Twitter. That and discovering that I was never alone in being up in the wee hours of the morning. It seems a lot of people with Fibromyalgia suffer with sleep issues and insomnia. No matter what time of day it was, there was always someone online and on Twitter talking. The support I found with this amazing group of people who really truly understood exactly how I felt was amazing. I know that meeting these wonderful folks helped keep me sane, especially on the BAD pain days.

Now I write about my health because I'd like to think in some small way I may help someone else. Maybe my experience will help lessen their suffering. At the very least they may reach out to me and connect because I share their pain and experience with Fibromyalgia. If I could lessen this debilitating constant pain for someone else, even a teeny bit, it'd be so worthwhile to me. I wouldn't wish this kind of pain on anyone. That's why I'd encourage anyone who has chronic pain to reach out and connect with the rest of us #spoonies who frequent Twitter. It's so worthwhile.

May your day be as pain free as it can be <3

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  1. I recently found your blog not too long ago an I really appreciate the writings of your journey with Fibromylagia. I was diagnosed in July of last year and have been on a roller-coaster ever since. Trying to find info and what not.
    So thankyou.  I am a married to my wonderful husband Terry and I have a beautiful daughter who will be 20 this year. I will be the BIG 40 on Monday and I couldnot of done this journey with Fibro. without my family. SO once again Thank You. Julie

    • Thanks for your comment Julie! I encourage you to try Twitter if you haven’t already. search #spoonies or #fibro or #fibrofog on Twitter and you’ll find so many people to share your journey with or share theirs :) thanks for stopping by!

    • Happy belated Birthday Julie! One of the biggest things that helped me after first being diagnosed was reading about Fibro to educate myself. I was trying to get a handle on what to expect. But everyone is different and their experience with Fibro is also, then, different. One thing we all do go through though is grief. We grieve our past life and lifestyle that cannot ever be the same again.

      After I went through that grieving process, it was much easier to accept my new reality. I’ve also forgiven myself for my body’s failure. But I’m still no where near ok with it all haha. A work in progress.

      I’m here (or on Twitter @LDYLARKE) any time you’d like to chat.

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